"Thank you so much for your guidance and insights.

The past few years have been the hardest of our life,

and you helped more in such a short time than

all previous therapists we have seen."


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Small Group Relationship Retreat


Have you ever planned a wonderful romantic vacation, complete with a lovely room, candle-lit dinners, and white sand beaches, only to have your dream become a nightmare when tense quarrels and silence spoil the sunset?

Now you can restore your relationship while having a world-class romantic holiday. NCCT will be offering exclusive, small group two-day couples retreats for no more than 6 couples. We offer you research-based skills for deepening intimacy, managing conflicts, and enhancing your sense of shared meaning in a private, comfortable, and beautiful setting.

Additionally, NCCT is available to come to your organization, group, church and offer day-long retreats onsite. For more information please contact us so we can help you to customize a retreat that best meets your needs.

What You Will Learn:

During the retreat, you will learn how to:

  • deepen respect, affection and closeness to one another
  • build a greater understanding of each other's inner landscape
  • repair past hurts
  • keep conflict discussions calm and constructive
  • break through and convert gridlocked conflict into compassionate dialogue
  • strengthen and sustain the gains in your relationship
  • offer expert and research-driven support for couples on the brink

What’s Included:

Please stay tuned; we'll post updates as the plans are finalized. Please let us know if you would like more information.


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