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Exclusively to Couples Therapy


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What We Provide

At NCCT, whether you attend couples therapy or a private couples retreat, you can expect to have predictable positive outcomes and gains.



At the heart of our work is the Gottman Relationship Assessment, a comprehensive tool that looks at all of the facets of your marriage, your struggles, and your strengths. With it we’ll create a customized roadmap that is catered to your relationship’s unique needs and circumstances, giving you the knowledge and insights necessary to find your way back to each other.



You'll gain real-life tools and skills that you can begin using immediately. And with your new skills, your conversations and communication will become meaningful, even when discussing “tough stuff”. You'll find that you agree more often, work together, and get on the same page about your goals much faster.



Relationships can’t be all work; there has to be an emphasis on positivity too, so while it may sound hard to believe, you’ll also spend some time on the fun stuff. Part of the reward of doing couples therapy is that once trust and connection are solid, you can devote time to cultivating a sense of joy and intimacy with each other, to falling in love again.



And you’ll become the experts of your relationship.  We want you to know what we know. How to use cutting-edge research to connect, heal, play and love well. We’ll support you in becoming masters of your marriage, and we believe you can do it, we see it every day.