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Anxious Attachment: What Your Relationship Style Says About You

Why are romantic commitments so hard to maintain? Is it the stress of work? Money? Kids? Or could it be the way our brains are wired from birth, causing us to form anxious attachments with our parents and, later, our romantic partners?

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Why Same-Sex Marriages Thrive

If the admittedly outdated trope "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" suggests that heterosexual marriages are setup for struggle, couldn’t we logically conclude that same-sex marriages are destined to succeed?

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Understanding the Second Marriage Divorce Rate

Embarking on a new marriage is a leap of faith for anyone, especially for those who have "been there, done that" before. This blog helps you understand the second marriage divorce rate and what you can do to tip the odds in your favor.

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Navigating Blended Family Challenges: 3 Fool-Proof Tips for Success

The sheer nature of the stepfamily structure can present obstacles for parents, step parents and children alike. Read these expert tips on how to navigate blended family challenges and set every member of your family up for success and greater connection.

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Brene Brown on The Power of Vulnerability

Over the last ten years Brene Brown has been involved in research on topics ranging from vulnerability, courage, and authenticity, to empathy and shame. This TED talk which went viral (viewed over 6 million times in 44 languages) is poignant, funny and pro

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