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Couples Therapy Weekend

Transform Your Relationship With A Couples Therapy Weekend

couples therapy weekend

Couples attend a couples therapy weekend for a whole host of reasons.

Perhaps your relationship is on the brink, and it’s clear something needs to change. But you don’t know where to begin.

Or, maybe you and your partner or spouse struggle to find time for one another. For you, attending couples therapy once a week is too time consuming or feels impossible.

The average American couple’s daily routine is steeped in work and responsibility, devoid of novelty and play.

With over half of American families consisting of two parents working full-time, a culture that is increasingly oriented toward child-centered parenting and the additional obligations of domesticity and aging parents, marriages and romantic partnerships are spread thinner than ever.


However, there is good news!

Couples and spouses can overcome this relationship imbalance by cultivating connecting rituals, engaging in spontaneous, playful interactions, and getting the support of a licensed therapist trained in the leading evidence-based modalities of couples therapy.

Also, a couples therapy weekend can be the best way to stabilize your relationship quickly if you are in trouble.

The structure of a multi-day retreat with the guidance of an expert will help you and your partner manage your anger, avoid contempt and stop any self-defeating habits in their tracks.

Research shows that couples’ therapy is most effective when offered in intensive doses up front. Couples respond incredibly well to it. The Gottman Institute, leaders in the field of evidence-based couples therapy, have pioneered this approach.

Referred to by experts as Marathon Therapy, a couples therapy weekend gives you an uninterrupted window of time to devote to one and other.

No work. No kids.

No schedule and no buzzing smartphone and (yes, you will be asked to turn them off!).

Just you and your partner with an expert couples therapist all to yourself for an entire weekend.

That’s the equivalent of three months worth of weekly therapy concentrated into 2-3 days!

The secret is to make sure you meet with a therapist whose trained in at least one of the two leading evidence-based models in the field of couples’ therapy: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

Attending a couples therapy weekend is hard work, and it can feel scary. But it is  worth the investment and will transform your relationship.


Want to learn more about how a couples therapy weekend can transform your marriage?

Contact us and our Retreat Coordinator, Martha Reeves, who will help you create a customized plan unique to your relationship needs. She'll even give you tips on fantastic places to stay and great places to dine while in the Pioneer Valley.

Best of all, once booked we'll give you access to The Gottman Institute's online Gottman Relationship Checkup, so you can begin your journey towards healing before you even arrive!

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