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Online Couples Therapy

The Northampton Center For Couples Therapy is now providing online couples counseling as a supplement to face-to-face couples therapy for couples who live in Massachusetts and meet criteria for treatment.


Why Online Couples Therapy?

NCCT recognizes that finding a good couples therapist in your community can be challenging and that there is a strong need for couples therapists trained in evidence-based modalities.

For people who are facing a commute to receive our services, online couples counseling can help you save on travel costs and lost time from work, and give you access to our specialized team and services from the convenience of your home.

While we strongly believe in the benefits of online care, we also support in-person care and believe online care should only be used when appropriate. Not all couples will benefit from online couples therapy and NCCT reserves the right to refuse online treatment to couples where it is not the optimal method of care.

In order to receive online couples counseling at NCCT you and your partner must:

be Massachusetts residents

participate in an in-person assessment via a marathon therapy retreat at NCCT and be available for supplemental mini-marathons a minimum of once every 4-6 weeks, or based on your therapist’s recommendation

have a computer, internet access and a webcam

experience your relationship as being in mild to moderate distress

commit to participate in weekly 90 minute online couples therapy sessions during the weeks you do not attend a mini-marathon.


When is Online Couples Therapy Not Advisable?

Online Couples Therapy is not recommended for you if you or your partner are struggling with:

an undisclosed, ongoing or recent affair

active addiction (drugs, alcohol, etc.)

serious violence in your relationship, threats of serious violence, or fear of serious violence on the part of one or both partners

untreated, diagnosable mental illness (bipolar, psychotic disorders and major clinical depression), not including past and successfully treated mental health conditions that are currently stable and/or in remission

suicidal or homicidal thoughts, or a history of serious harm inflicted on another person

lack of commitment to the therapy process.


Does Online Care Work?

Leading research organizations including Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, and the National Institute of Mental Health have found that online mental health care can be as effective as in-person care. You can learn more about the research supporting online care by visiting our online therapy effectiveness page.


How Do I Get Started?

You can contact NCCT to schedule an initial Marathon Therapy Retreat. Once you complete your Marathon Therapy session, your therapist will discuss follow-up treatment options with you including online couples therapy and mini-marathons.

Fees: The fee for a 90 minute online couples therapy is $300. Sessions that run beyond will be charged at a rate of $200 an hour at a minimum of 15 minute increments. NCCT does not accept health insurance for online couples therapy services.

*Please note, the number of slots for this service are limited, NCCT can speak with you about our current availability.