Kathy LeMay, Clinical Intern

Kathy LeMay, Clinical Intern


Licensed Mental Health Counselor Candidate, Baypath University

“Each of us has an immense capacity to rise to our occasions. I believe that individuals brave enough to take the leap with an intimate partner or partners have the keys to building beautiful partnerships within them. In my opinion, it’s not about doing the work. It’s about uncovering and discovering what’s always been in you.”

In 1993 Kathy traveled to the Balkans to support women survivors of rape-genocide camps. There she witnessed women from different backgrounds and walks of life move through conflict and trauma and come together to meet the needs of their families and communities. Kathy then built a three-decades-long career supporting grassroots leaders worldwide dedicated to building and rebuilding the community. In this work, she has facilitated cross-cultural and cross-ethnic community-building sessions, coached philanthropic couples in the United States, Canada, and Europe to build out giving plans to advance their individual and collective goals, and coached and worked with community leaders and activists throughout the globe on how to engage in their passions and hold on to their well-being. Kathy now brings these skills to support couples and individuals looking to heal, repair and build a future they know is possible.

Ask me about: my lifelong love affair with social justice and the Boston Red Sox.

Ever since I was young, I’ve been: trying to rescue every single animal in need.

Favorite quote: “Difficult situations don’t build character; they reveal it.” -James Lane Allen

Favorite kind of couples: Those who believe in and admire one another.

Certified Mental Health First Aid Responder.
Bay Path University’s Trauma-informed Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master’s degree student.
Gottman Method Couples Therapy – Level I and Level II

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