“Kerry has skillfully and quite miraculously helped us move

from despair to hope as a couple… Working with Kerry has changed

me and our relationship in ways I never imagined possible.”


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Kerry Lusignan

Kerry Lusignan

NCCT Founder and Director

MA, LMHC, Certified Gottman Therapist

“The couples I most like to work with are honestly the hardest couples — the high conflict, in crisis, sometimes right-on-the-edge-of-divorce folks. Because in the end I truly believe that in crisis there is opportunity, and that when people are shook-up it’s not just a sign of trouble but also of hope and potential. We have a chance to stick our hands in the fire and really change things and re-choreograph old, stuck patterns.”

The Founder and Director of the Center, Kerry mixes heart, grit, rigor and irrepressible creativity to bring couples out of crisis. She has spent years refining an approach to couples work that is grounded in the latest state-of-the-art science of the field and tempers it with her own unique blend of make-it-work practicality.  

Research shows that people learn best when they’re put into situations similar to where they are struggling, and Kerry’s strength lies in skillfully guiding couples into those places where the emotion is rawest but where opportunities for growth are most significant. Kerry is regarded by many as the go-to couples therapist when all else fails.


MA – Antioch University New England
Gottman Certified Therapist – trained by John Gottman
Emotionally Focused Therapist (EFT) Certification Eligible
Certified in Stepfamily Systems - National Stepfamily Resource Center
Pragmatic Experiential Couples Therapy - Completed highest level of training - trained by Brent Atkinson
Additional trainings – Stan Tatkin, David Schnarch, Patricia Papernow and Esther Perel

Publications include: The Good Men Project, Christian Today, MeetMindful, Gottman Relationship Blog, Fatherly.com and YourTango.