“We have learned so much about ourselves,

and each other, with Martha’s insight and guidance.

Martha has changed our lives… all for the better.”


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Martha Reeves

Martha Reeves

MA, LICSW, Retreat Coordinator

“It’s a commonly used word for a pretty deep practice, but mindfulness is critical to my life and work. I ask my clients, How do you work with your mind? How does it support what you want to change? In terms of couples work especially, self-compassion is connected to compassion for one’s partner. How would we come up with an exercise to promote that? I’m inspired by the belief that improving the quality of energy in your partnership has the potential to improve it with your children, your wider family and community – on and on.”

Martha is a preternaturally good observer. She exudes a low-key calm that belies a poised, but intensely powerful and well-trained mind. With over 30 years of education and training under her belt, she has refined her practice to engage people on a deeper level to find their strengths. Her clients feel known and understood, and can relax in her easy-going humor.


MSW in Clinical Social Work – Smith College
MA in Counseling Psychology – Suffolk University
Gottman Method Therapy – Level I and II
Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy – Completed Externship and Core Skills  
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – founded by Jon Kabat Zinn
Pragmatic Experiential Couples Therapy – trained by Brent Atkinson
Family Therapy - trained by Murray Bowen, Jay Haley, Cloe Madanes
Neurofeedback Therapy Level I – trained by Ed Hamlin
Teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – Smith College, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Mindful Schools Project in Oakland, CA
Additional Training in: Discernment Counseling