We are passionate about supporting and strengthening relationships.

We know that when we help you strengthen your relationship, we support your whole family, and in doing so, together we create a better community. 

We believe:

  • All long-term relationships have unique challenges that can feel insurmountable.

  • Relationship difficulties often provide opportunities for growth, learning and self-knowledge that are not available through other means.

  • There are concrete skills that can be learned that can break the frustrating patterns in which you and your partner often feel stuck.

  • Learning how to repair damage caused by the conflict in your relationship is essential.

  • Gaining insight into your strengths and vulnerabilities as a couple, and identifying the origin of these dynamics, can help facilitate changes and connection that previously were not possible.

  • Relational skills determine your success and happiness in all walks of life, including family relationships.

  • Relationships need to be nurtured. It is essential to cultivate and create opportunities to connect, play, and relax as a couple.

It is a wonderful thing to help a family. It is a far greater thing to save one. Thank you.
We have come away from each session with concrete, real-life skills that we can use.
I think that every couple can benefit from spending some time looking at their relationship, and this is the BY FAR best place for that!