Online Therapy

for International Couples

We work with international couples from all around the globe.

As an international couple, you may face cultural, relationship, or language challenges living as expats, or you may be an international couple navigating language and cultural differences between you. Alternatively, you may need international online couples counseling because one of you travels extensively and is away on business for days, weeks, or months at a time.

International couples experience unique strains. Your couples therapist must be able to understand when cultural differences are making it hard for you to connect, and be non-judgemental and open-minded to help you learn how to communicate and connect better despite your differences. In our online therapy for overseas couples, we take the time to get to know you and your partner, assess where you are getting stuck, and help you develop strategies that make sense.

As an international couple, you don't have the luxury of a shared cultural background, or even knowing precisely what your partner means when they use a specific word. You have to work hard to "translate" each other's meanings and needs to create a shared sense of identity. International online couples therapy can help smooth out those bumps and improve communication and intimacy by developing skills for a better connection.

There are multiple challenges international couples face which online couples therapy will help: living overseas away from family and friends; navigating two different cultures within your relationship; loneliness; language differences/ barriers; having different ideas about mealtime, celebrations, family roles, extended-family involvement, and more. We will help you deepen your understanding of what is causing distance or fighting and teach you how to get unstuck.

Online couples therapy is particularly effective in working with international couples and the issues you face because we effectively come to you, wherever you are in the world.


We provide online counseling worldwide and use the most secure online connection to protect your privacy.


How does international couples therapy online work?

We offer sessions between 8a and 9p EST. We will send you an invitation through a secure platform for your online couples therapy appointment. All you have to do is have a private place to meet every week for 90 minutes. You bring your thoughts, feelings, and needs. We'll bring our expertise in couples therapy, online therapy, and working with international couples. Together, we'll create a more positive connection for you and your partner.

 What are the advantages of online therapy with NCCT?

We work with the time you have available and save you the hassle of finding an expert near you. You don't have to drive to and from appointments so that you can get farther, faster with us. All this makes it easier to see your therapist regularly. We know from Gottman's research that regular couples therapy is a major key to success. When you do the work regularly, you get better, sooner.

International couples have many, many options for online therapy. We believe couples therapy is an expertise, and one we take seriously. You wouldn't go to a general doctor for a heart condition. When you work with us, you are choosing the leading experts in couples therapy.


Are there disadvantages to international online couples counseling?

Any therapy can have possible adverse effects, and online international couples therapy is no different. Before we meet with you online, we will talk to you to better understand your needs to ensure you are a good candidate for online work. Also, you'll need a good internet connection and a computer with a webcam to make sure we can talk as easily as possible.

At NCCT, our therapists are well-versed in the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and other leading couples therapy methodologies. More importantly, we are also passionate about supporting international couples and multiracial couples, helping you and your partner build bridges toward one another that are rooted in love, respect, and understanding.

In addition to online therapy for overseas couples, we offer private, intensive 2-Day and 3-Day couples retreats, marriage retreats, and weekly couples therapy sessions at our home office. We also have new extended hours and team members to meet a growing demand for expert, research-based couples therapy in the New England area, US and overseas.


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