Research shows that the best way to keep yourself and your family healthy is to prioritize supporting the well being of your relationship(s). 

COVID-19 is calling on us to be creative and flexible. To give and to receive. There is enormous potential for much good, even during these uncertain and scary times. Such crises can be crucibles for connection, hope, and common humanity.

At NCCT, our goal is to support you in knowing what we know without ever having to step into our office. In our upcoming blogs and video series, we will teach you how to thrive and maintain a connection with your partner even during the toughest of times. Even better, the skills and knowledge we’ll share are translatable, so they’ll stay with you long after the crisis of COVID-19 has passed.

In this first Do-It-Yourself Couples Therapy Vlog, we’ll talk about how to handle gridlock – that painful space where you get stuck on the same perpetual issues, arguing again and again about seemingly insignificant details that unravel your connection. These are doable tips you can try at home when fighting or distance plagues your relationship. To learn more, watch this video on what research tells us about how to break through the toughest of stalemates and find your way back to each other. 

We are here to help.

If there is something that you are struggling with that you would like us to cover, let us know

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