Invisibility (aka disappearing, taking space, or getting quiet) is one of the most challenging relationship superpowers to master.

To use this power well, you must understand the importance of timing. You must be able to discern between moments that warrant disappearing and moments that require your presence.

You must be fluent in a range of “vanishing acts”, including initiating a well-timed break during a heated discussion or getting quiet and letting your partner do the talking.

Invisibility also requires that you vanish skillfully, without a big blowup. No heavy drama or storming out on your partner. No shutting down and stonewalling.

Those behaviors scare people. A frightened partner is not going to get you the love you want––trust me. And it’s not enough to be facile at becoming invisible.

You must be equally competent at reappearing if you are going to use this power to do good by your relationship (and family).

In fact, if you have a tendency towards becoming invisible and not reconnecting with your partner, then your invisibility is no longer a power or skill, it’s a weakness, especially if it rules you.

Watch this video, from NCCT Director, Kerry Lusignan, to learn more about the essential elements of wielding your relationship powers.

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