Optimize Your Online Experience

We sincerely hope you and yours are well as we continue to navigate this path together.

As you likely know, NCCT has shifted our practice exclusively to online therapy for the time being. While many clients understandably wonder if online therapy (a.k.a. telehealth) is as effective as face-to-face therapy, it’s worth noting the anecdotal evidence from many of our own couples who have been doing productive and beneficial online work with us for several months and even years.  In addition, if you like to geek out on research, this study gives props to the benefits and efficacy of telehealth.

With this current adjustment in mind, we’re sending some tips on how to make the most of your encounter with online work.

5 Strategies to optimize your online experience:  

1. If you have not yet done so, fill out NCCT’s online paperwork in advance to sidestep slowing down the therapy process.

2. Test your video and audio 5-15 minutes before the start of each session.

*Your therapist will send you an “invitation” to sign into SecureVideo, the HIPAA- compliant platform we use at the Center.  Please ensure you have enabled the microphone and video capabilities on your device beforehand.

3. Find the best space to hold the session.

*As cute as your pets and kids are, they can act as unhelpful distractions for good therapy to happen. Finding a private place where you and your partner can share a screen behind closed doors is ideal, so you can really focus on your relationship as you would in our offices

4. Pay attention to details.

*Lighting, angles, and how you position yourselves matter.  We want to be able to notice how you are doing throughout the session, and being able to see you well is important.  Help each other out with this one. And, remember this important rule of thumb – dress at home the same as you would for the therapy office.  We find it makes a difference.

5. Eliminate the competition.

*Please close all open tabs on your device before starting the session as these can slow down your connection and reduce the quality of the video and audio. In addition, competing internet users can impact the video speed, creating a blurry image or causing a total loss of connection. To avoid this, nicely ask other users to avoid streaming videos (i.e., Netflix, YouTube) during your session time.

We are working diligently to ensure you receive the skillful and competent support you’ve always expected from NCCT.  Knowing we are in stressful times which can take a toll on couples, we are beyond grateful to continue serving each of you in this redesigned way of doing quality couples therapy.


Your NCCT therapists

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